Paul Jones

Paul Jones Maryport Blues 2010

Paul Jones Maryport Blues 2010 (Photo credit: Christine Rose..,)

Paul Jones (born Paul Pond, 24 February 1942, Portsmouth, England)[1] is an English singer, actor, harmonica player, and radio personality and television presenter.

As “P.P. Pond”, Paul Jones performed duets with Elmo Lewis (aka future founder member of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones) at the Ealing Club, home of Alexis Korner‘s Blues Incorporated, whose singers included Long John Baldry and Mick Jagger. He was asked by Keith Richards and Brian Jones to be the lead singer of a group they were forming, but he turned them down.[2] Jones then went on to be the vocalist and harmonica player of the successful 1960s group Manfred Mann.[1] He had several Top Ten hits with Manfred Mann before going solo in July 1966.He remained with His Master’s Voice.[3]

He was less successful without the band than they were with his replacement, but did have a few hits, notably with “High Time” (1966) and “I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Boy” and “Thinkin’ Ain’t for Me” (both 1967) before attempting to branch into acting.[1] While his solo recording career was barely successful in the UK,it never got off the ground in the US. He did have enough hits in Sweden however to have a greatest hits album released there on EMI.

His performance opposite model Jean Shrimpton in the 1967 film Privilege, directed by Peter Watkins, did not bring the hoped-for stardom, although the film later became a cult classic. Privilege, which unsurprisingly cast Jones as a pop singer, saw him sing a few songs, including “Set Me Free”, which was covered by Patti Smith in the mid 1970s.


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Lightnin’ Hopkins

Portrait of the blues singer and guitarist Lig...

Portrait of the blues singer and guitarist Lightnin' Hopkins. Acrylic painting by Jules Grandgagnage. Nederlands: Portret van de blueszanger en gitarist Lightnin' Hopkins. Acryl-schilderij van Jules Grandgagnage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sam John Hopkins (March 15, 1912 – January 30, 1982) better known as Lightnin’ Hopkins, was an American country blues singer, songwriter, guitarist and occasional pianist, from Houston, Texas. Rolling Stone magazine included Hopkins at number 71 on their list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

Robert “Mack” McCormick stated, “Hopkins is the embodiment of the jazz-and-poetry spirit, representing its ancient form in the single creator whose words and music are one act”.

Born Sam John Hopkins in Centerville, Texas,[4] Hopkins’ childhood was immersed in the sounds of the blues and he developed a deeper appreciation at the age of 8 when he met Blind Lemon Jefferson at a church picnic in Buffalo, Texas.That day, Hopkins felt the blues was “in him” and went on to learn from his older (somewhat distant) cousin, country blues singer Alger “Texas” Alexander.[1] Hopkins had another cousin, the Texas electric blues guitarist, Frankie Lee Sims, with whom he later recorded. Hopkins began accompanying Blind Lemon Jefferson on guitar in informal church gatherings. Jefferson supposedly never let anyone play with him except for young Hopkins, who learned much from and was influenced greatly by Blind Lemon Jefferson thanks to these gatherings. In the mid 1930s, Hopkins was sent to Houston County Prison Farm for an unknown offense.In the late 1930s Hopkins moved to Houston with Alexander in an unsuccessful attempt to break into the music scene there. By the early 1940s he was back in Centerville working as a farm hand.

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Anti Cimex

Anti Cimex were a Swedish hardcore punk band, based in Skövde, Göteborg, Linköping, and Malmö, at different times, that formed in 1981.[1] They were one of the first bands to define Scandinavian hardcore punk. Their second 7″, Raped Ass, is considered to be a subgenre-defining D-beat record. Scene historian Peter Jandreus describes the group as the most famous Swedish punk band of the 1977-87 era.[1]

Their name is taken from the Swedish pest control company with the same name, the name of this company, in turn, comes from the Latin name of a particular type of bedbug; Cimex.

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David Lanz

Cover of "Cristofori's Dream"

Cover of Cristofori's Dream

David Lanz (born June 28, 1950 in Seattle, Washington) is a Grammy-nominated New Age pianist. His most popular album, Cristofori’s Dream, topped the New Age charts in 1988, which was No. 1 on Billboard’s first adult alternative/New Age chart for 27 weeks and eventually sold platinum. Natural States peaked at No. 125 on the Billboard 200.


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Mohamad – Marde Tanhaye Shab

Mohamad, Marde Tanhaye Shab

Mohamad, Marde Tanhaye Shab

Mohamad’s  new music video Marde Tanhaye Shab has been released exclusively on Radio Javan.  The video was directed by Solmaz Niki- Kermani of Mahtab Entertainment using original footage from her film To the Moon which she starred in and wrote. To the Moon was directed by Damian Harris.

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3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down on Walmart Soundcheck

3 Doors Down on Walmart Soundcheck (Photo credit: Lunchbox LP)

3 Doors Down is an American rock band from Escatawpa, Mississippi formed in 1996. Since 1998 the band consists of lead vocalist Brad Arnold, lead guitarist Matt Roberts, bass guitarist Todd Harrell and rhythm guitarist Chris Henderson. Their current drummer and percussionist is Greg Upchurch who has been with the band since 2005.[1]

The band rose to international fame with their first single, “Kryptonite“, which charted in the top three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The band then signed onto Republic Records and released their debut album, The Better Life, in 2000. The album was the 11th-best-selling album of the year and was certified 6x platinum in the United States. Their second album, Away from the Sun, (2002) continued the band’s success; it debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200 chart and went multi-platinum in the United States like its predecessor. The band followed it up by extensive touring for two years before releasing their third album, Seventeen Days, in 2005. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and was certified platinum within its first month of release. Their fourth, self-titled album, 3 Doors Down, also debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The band’s fifth studio album, Time of My Life, was released on July 19, 2011.

The band often performs more than 300 concerts a year and has shared the stage with artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Megadeth, Staind, Nickelback, Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Shinedown, Hinder, Mentors and Daughtry. Since the start of their career, 3 Doors Down have sold over 20 million albums worldwide.

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Absolute Whores

Johnny Trash!

Johnny Trash! (Photo credit: bill.streeter)

Absolute Whores’ are a Canadian indie rock/Cowpunk band most active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The band consisted of Greg McConnell as Ugly Dick Adonis, Vaughan Passmore as Blind Pig Neuton, Albert Saxby as Clint Rude. Michael Lavery as Sven Campbell and Johnny Trash as himself. They played their first show at Toronto’s musical landmark Isabella Hotel in 1984, after convincing the hotel manager Joe Freid that Absolute Whores was an artistic reference, and not a sexual one. After many bass players – The Cursed Gerald, Brent Ruddy – and more guitarists – “Hot Fingers” McWhinnie, Meanus De Vilo – the band settled into the above line-up.

Their debut recording was a 1985 demo cassette entitled Killing An Elvis Song For You. (The song was “Heartbreak Hotel”.) The accompanying poster has been referred to as “One of the greatest pieces of pop art of all time”.

The band continued to host jam nights at Toronto‘s Hotel Isabella to fund the printing of their newspaper, The Whore’s Rag. The first edition earned them instant notoriety as it satirized and ridiculed many of the local sacred cows that no one was prepared to criticize for fear of career-damaging reprisal. Singer Johnny Trash commented “Any such move would be redundant as no one can wreck the band’s career better than me.”

The band also released another cassette entitled “Product” in 1985, a single, “I’m An Asshole (For Your Love)”, in 1986 and in 1989 its only full-length album, an eponymous effort which featured another Elvis cover, “All Shook Up” (with the verb replaced with something more artistically accurate), and a Replacements cover, “Here Comes a Regular”.


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